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Announcing Certified Partnership of vTiger & vTigress Team.

Dear vTiger Enthusiasts

We have an exciting update for you.

We are pleased to announce that vTiger has chosen us to be their CERTIFIED PARTNER for Asia and Africa Region.  This enables us to be on the same page with Vtiger team in-terms of any kind of information/update regarding vTiger CRM Solutions.

This valuable partnership will help us to not only provide our support and services (w.r.t. implementation, configuration, customization and training) to a larger extent but also contributes our good intentions to make the vTiger community stronger and proud.


Check us out here:-


Announcing Vtiger and vTigress partnership!!

Dear Vtiger enthusiasts!

We wish to keep you informed about our strategic decision and partnership engagement we have signed up for recently.

We are very pleased to announce that Vtiger has accepted myEnterprise as partners for Asia and Africa region. This enables us to share more information with the Vtiger team, and provide us a platform for providing more products and services and contribute our mite to the Vtiger Community.

Now vTigress is a service brand of myEnterprise BizAutomations Pvt Ltd.

Check us out here –


vtiger partner

This is our way of showing to you that myEnterprise team is committed to vTiger CRM services and customers. myEnterprise core team is working on many initiatives to establish vTiger CRM as one of the most sought after CRMs in the market. We will keep you informed about the new updates.

Remain hooked to our blog for more updates.
Thank you very much.

New UI type for vtiger6.x – CRM Module Name

Dear vtiger enthusiasts,

As a developer I have always enjoyed inventing new tools for fellow developers and making life of a business analyst more easy. In the recent years my effort has been focused on vtiger CRM and its related development.

Recently a customer requirement came up where, based on a customer need, the module names were required to be pulled up in a field. Did a little work and I came up with this new UI type – CRM Module Name.

Business case:

Client’s CRM was a highly customized vtiger CRM where each module was intended for a specific purpose and did a certain significant thing in the business operations hierarchy. For this reason, it was required that the CRM users needed help on using and understanding each module, what it does and what the data in the module represents. This help to the CRM users would appear in the right hand side of the current screen as a pull down help menu item. Since the new modules kept getting added to the CRM, every time the CRM administrator had to seek help in adding help content to each module. The CRM administrator would do good with a new module which picked the module name and added help content about the module in a text box which then appeared at the module level.

Our approach:

In Vtiger CRM Modules, datafields in the modules can be of various types. From simple numeric, text and date types, there are enhancements like enumerated types. There are many use cases where the built in UI types, including the hidden ones, are insufficient for customization. Hence I felt this new UI type will add a lot of value to the vtiger CRM developers in determining all the module names the user has access to. Since admin privileges would not be given to all users, he will not be in a position to know directly what modules he has access to and what modules he does not , when he is in record edit/delete/create view.

This new UI CRM Module Name helps the user to know exactly which modules can he access, which modules are visible to him etc. Check screen shots here.

crm module name

I am sure many of the Vtiger developers and analysts would appreciate this requirement.

We are pleased to provide more details on email.

Note: This feature will be available in our next release of vtDZiner for 6.3. Our existing users of vtDZiner can ask for their updated file by an email.


vTigress team

Webinar Invite – Optimizing mySQL Queries & Best Practices

Greetings from vtigress team and myEnterprise Services!

We believe knowledge is worth sharing and here is our next in webinar series


We at myEnterprise Services invite you to attend our next webinar on MySQL Optimization.We need you support in reaching to larger network, I request all to share this within your personal/professional network.


This month topic-   Optimizing mySQL Queries & Best Practices

         Schedule:  Friday22nd May at 11AM – 11:40AM(IST)

Please refer to the attached presentation for more information.

Kindly block your calendars now.





You can also email for more details

FREE Booklet – CUSTOMER PORTAL HANDBOOK 2 -Collection of Issues

Dear vtiger enthusiasts,

After the release of the Customer Portal Handbook for vtiger5.4, we are pleased to give away this free booklet to all our customers and inquiries.






This eBook is an accompaniment to the Customer Portal Handbook from the vTigress team. This is a compilation of cases from the customer portal related issues from the vtiger forums (now vtiger discussions).

We have retained some of the language of the vtiger users and their words so that readers can refer back to the forums or discussion easily and quickly (under the reference section for each issue).

This book will technically never end or constantly evolve over time, since users will pump issues continuously in the forums/discussions. There are more than 4000 issues if we look at the forums today. Considering repeat issues, We have chosen less than 60 of them for analysis here.


Please email for a FREE copy


vTigress team

Releasing Customer Portal HandBook 1 for vtiger5.4

Keeping up with our belief in the stability of the product vtiger5.4, we are releasing Customer Portal HandBook for vtiger5.4. Even though we have minimally priced it, the advantages which this little book gives is huge because you are able to build your own portals from the modules of the CRM.

Traditionally the CRM has allowed only a fixed number of modules to be enabled in the portal and that too with minimum access. Here in this book we have explained the steps to make any module from the CRM as a Portal enabled module.

With this there is a lot more that you can achieve.

For example –

  • A Sales Portal for your sales staff who is on the field
  • An Employee Self Service Portal for your employees who can update their profiles and check their leaves, salary calculations etc
  • A Distributor Portal for your products’ distributors who keep track of all the goods, their returns etc
  • A Vendor Portal for your vendors who will update you about their products and the prices
  • A Customer Portal where the customer can see the product getting built in your factory in its phases


Case study

Just to help all the vtiger enthusiasts better, we have elaborated the entire usage of the customer portal with a working example in the book.

The entire code is setup in a server and once you have access to the book, you can check the code working.

Here are a few sample images of the book.







That must be enough introduction for all of you to get an idea about the power and effectiveness of the code contained in the book.

Our existing customers stand to get a discount on the price of the book.

Go ahead and mail your inquiries to


vTigress team

vtDataGen – Ultimate tool for data generation within vtiger 6.2 modules

gggg, hhhh, asdasd, test, demo, demo123, – All these sound familiar?

To vtiger developers, definitely these may sound familiar. Because, for long, developers have felt the need for realistic test data. Most get by by reusing production data, which in an in-house testing situations works well. For those developers, who dont have such access, public domain data sources or self generated sources )

In my search for realistic data during my entire development experienceI have found as a good source for inexpensive data about persons.

I also stumbled upon, which is an excellent site for generating basic data.

 For Vtiger CRM, to test functions over large data sets, and across modules, just people data into Leads, Contacts and Organisations was not enough. It is also necessary to have Invoices, Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Calendar and other necessary CRM module data.

This led to the necessity to develop a tool that would work within the CRM and generate accurate data from a basic set of data.

Thus is born, vtDataGen.


  • vtDataGen generates realistic and Vtiger CRM compliant data with randomized and user specified values.
  • Currently available for vtiger6.2.
  • Sample Data can be created for all important modules like

Users,  Leads, Contacts,  Organisations, Vendors, Potentials

Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders

Projects / Tasks / Milestones

Tickets, Assets, Calendar


  • Have all modules filled with randomized real looking data which is derived from base data
  • All developers can bring in more reliability in their development and testing efforts.
  • Developers can schedule data to be populated at fixed intervals or set it up as cron
  • Extremely useful for generating real looking data for over a period of time or a fixed time interval
  • Available for most of the significant standard modules


Note: Custom modules data generation is planned to be user configurable.

Mail for more info…

Happy Data Generating….