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vtLogin History++ for Vtiger 6.x and Vtiger 7.x

Dear Vtiger enthusiasts!

We have always enjoyed inventing new tools for fellow developers and users making their life easy. Today we are here to share about a new add-on/ tool  that we built for vTiger 6.x and vtiger 7.x. Recently a customer requirement came up where we have successfully developed the Login History++ an add-on enhancement tool on vTiger CRM 6.x and vtiger 7.x.

Our Approach:

In vtiger CRM the default functionality of login history is to allow admin users to track the login and logout time of all CRM users, With our new login history++ tool in addition to the functionality to track login and logout times, the admin users can track,

  • Location Identity with IP Address
  • Login and Logout Timings
  • Duration of Session
  • Footsteps of user in CRM(Module wise/Record wise/Field wise)


With the footsteps track feature the admin users can monitor all the changes done by a particular user within a particular login period.

In addition to the above custom functionalities we have also developed the search functionality for login history, The admin users can search using

  • IP Search
  • Date Range Search.

Once if we click on any user activities then we can see the modifications, which have done pre and post. You can see in the below screen


  • This will help the admin user(s) to track the login and activity history of the users.
  • Each user’s log in and log out time along with the current status can be known.
  • We can export the entire user’s data at a time.
  • Save time and effort to search the data, as we have the search option.

By this way we have achieved the additional features in vTiger CRM User Login History.

We are pleased to provide more details on email

Skype ID:-vtigress_for_vtiger

vTigress Team


Releasing vtDebug 6.0.3 for vTiger 6.4

Hello my fellow vtiger developers & enthusiasts.


Today we have an exciting update for you. The latest version of vtDebug compatible with vtiger 6.4 is here. The vtDebug 6.0.3 carries the same persona and the dependability of its predecessors. It eases debugging with a toggle for settings of Smarty log, ADODb log and log4php with a single click each time. The features and advantages of vtDebug are as follows: –


  • View Console is an easy way to access smarty log, ADODb log and vTiger CRM log files all at one place.
  • Php log access, and PHP info access is accessible from the vtDebug plugin.
  • Quick data base access with php mini admin. It allows you to work on phpmyadmin within browser itself without having to bouncing between tabs.
  • Anywhere in DB allows you to access a particular keyword
  • You have the Log4PHP function which displays the status of all the variables and their status.


All debugging tools at one place.

Select the required debugging technique from the console.

Debugging made easy and comfortable than ever.

For the plugin and prices please email us at


vTigress Team


vTigress CookBook Recipe #2 – Coloring Date fields

It has been a long time that we released a new recipe for vtiger.

Here is one.


// Coloring datefields STP 24-Jul-2013

// Date of Today shows in GREEN

// Past in RED and future in BLACK

// Search for the following line in include/ListView/ListViewController.php

//  $value = $date->getDisplayDate();

// Approx line 314 in the file

// Replace the line with below code

$cdate = date("Y-m-d");

$vdate = $value;

if ($vdate == $cdate) $value = "<font color=green>";

else if ($vdate < $cdate) $value = "<font color=red>"; else $value = "<font color=black>";

$value .= $date->getDisplayDate()."</font>"; 

Try it and do not forget to mail about your experience!!