Barcode Generator for vTiger CRM

Hello my fellow vtiger developers & enthusiasts.

vTigress team has an exciting update for you. The Products module has been widely used by vTiger users to manage and track the Products and their respective quantities. myEnterprise Services (vTigress team), an official partner of Vtiger for Asia and Africa region has specifically designed and developed a Barcode Generator add-on tool for Products module in vTiger CRM 6.4.

The features of the Barcode Generator tool are mentioned below:-

  • Barcode generation for products.
  • Generate multiple barcode’s for same product.
  • Modify barcode after generation.


  • Download the barcode image to your system (PC, iOS & Android Devices) directly from vTiger CRM.
  • View and Track all barcodes generated for a particular product.
  • Maintain unique barcodes for each product.

To create a barcode all you need to do is enter the barcode number and the barcode will be generated.


In the product view you can view all the barcodes for the particular product. We have given the feasibility to change barcodes as some organisations change their barcodes.



The exported barcode will be displayed as



For further assistance please contact us through email


vTigress Team.



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