A New Skype UI Functionality

Hello my fellow vtiger developers & enthusiasts.

vTigress team has an exciting update for you which is a new Skype UI functionality specifically designed and developed for Vtiger 6.4 by myEnterprise Services (vTigress Team), an official partner of Vtiger for Asia and Africa region.


Based on the same, we are highlighting the key aspects of the new Skype UI functionality mentioned below:-

  • Till date the Skype field in vtiger has been a normal text field, which enables you to save only the Skype name of your contact for reference. But right now as per our development on the aforesaid functionality, you can actually make calls and send messages from the respective Skype account using vTiger CRM.
  • This new Skype UI functionality can be easily configured and used in any of the modules in vTiger CRM.
  • Upon creation of the new Skype UI field, you can easily make calls or send messages using the respective icons as shown in the image below.


  • Even if you are not logged into Skype, this Skype UI field will prompt you to log into Skype so that you can complete the actions such as making calls or sending messages via Skype.


Another important update that we would like to share with you is that our team is currently working on a Skype plugin which will enable you to call, chat and save the entire conversations on vtiger CRM in a custom Skype module without even navigating out of the same CRM system. Once the development is complete we are going to publish its details and advantages for you here.


For further details please email us to info@vtigress.com


vTigress Team


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