DOCS++ – A great way to manage documents in Vtiger

Dear Vtiger enthusiasts!

It has been a very good experience to add another recipe to our cookbook of recipes based on open source CRM vtiger. This time we have made an extension for the documents module of the Vtgier CRM.

Docs++ is multiple document upload tool specially designed and developed for Vtiger CRM by us (myEnterprise Services a partner of Vtiger for Asia and African regions). The main purpose of Docs++ tool is to allow multiple document and file uploads in a single time in Vtiger CRM. This tool enables multiple document upload for all the available Vtiger modules and even the custom modules built-in Vtiger.


The main features of Docs++ are

  • Multiple File Upload
  • URL linking to the record
  • Tracking the uploaded files using file storage hierarchy
  • Drag and Drop


  • Multiple records can be uploaded at one go and can be related to the current record.
  • All types of documents can be uploaded to the CRM using Docs++.
  • Desired modules can be enabled.
  • A URL can be uploaded as document and can be saved for the record.
  • The files stored can be accessed from the folder it has been saved.
  • The file count is also displayed along the folder name.
  • Multiple pictures can be selected and uploaded in a single time.

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