Presenting vtDZiner 6 for vtiger 6.1

Dear vtiger enthusiasts,

While congratulating the entire vtiger team on the robust architecture and intuitive and better UI, I must admit it has taken me equally long to develop our improved vtDZiner for Vtiger 6.0 and 6.1 and 6.2

As on date most offerings to extend Vtiger are limited to Module creation within the Vtiger framework. They do not offer any ability to modify a module behaviour after creation of a module. This is what vtDZiner fulfils. Vtiger 6 has made significant changes to the code and user experience from the earlier versions. Using Bootstrap has not only provided for a smoother interface, and the redesign of the code base, and some rationalisation/refactoring, but also makes it easier for developers to extend the system without tampering with the base code.

vtDZiner has kept pace with Vtiger and introduced inForm DZining, a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface to Vtiger module designing and configuration. Up to five unobtrusive screen elements in the form of icons, text links and buttons are placed to invoke the DZiner capability.

What this does for the Vtiger DZiner, with the intent on customizing Vtiger  is to provide a simple GUI based interface to the vtlib API of Vtiger.

This simplification via an intelligent UX, multiplies the CRM analyst’s capabilities to rapidly extend the CRM functionality to map the adjacent business domains.

Salient features of vtDZiner6.1 include

  • Relationship management
  • Pick blocks
  • Panel blocks
  • Extended UI types
  • Widget customisation
  • Field attribute management
  • View customisation
  • Workflow custom process registration
  • Language management
  • Custom Module creation
  • Menu management

As much as possible, where Vtiger has limited or constrained the expression of module elements, vtDZiner has made them possible, such as

  1. Custom Modules in Customer Portal
  2. Webforms to Custom Modules and other native modules
  3. Minimum navigation between modules for various features etc


What more can a business analyst or a vtiger developer can ask for?

All our vtDZiner540 customers must have got some promotional emails with some offers on vtDZiner6.1.

If not you can claim your offer by emailing


Happy vtDZining!!!




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