vtiger Customer Portal Handbook (1)

Over a period of 5 years of my experience with vtiger, I have noticed that, since its inception one of the most sparingly used modules of vtiger has been the customer portal module. The complexity involved in its understanding of the setup or just the novelty of using it, the customer portal application has always eluded people I have thought. Hence I wanted to demystify the customer portal.

During the process of working with vtiger and mining the forums, I have come across various errors or issues that people face in getting the Customer Portal set up straight. Must confess that  I have never been able to regularly contribute to the forums due to my other priorities. This ebook is an attempt in that direction.

This book also forms an entry point to our another product Portal DZiner for vtiger5.4 where we allow the user to easily and seamlessly install and integrate his customer portal for his version of the CRM. What more, he can cater to his multi linguistic audience with Customer Portal in different languages.

You are welcome to flood info@vtigress.com for enquiries!!!


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